Visual Studio Mobile Center

My application NotifyMe is growing slowly, I am glad it is growing at all. Anyway, I decided to connect it to Visual Studio Mobile Center portal.

It is a set of cloud services for building and managing mobile application.

Visual Studio Mobile Center has three main adventages. It allows to:
– collect crash reports with user analytics
– add cloud-based authentication and table storage
– build application automatically and distribute it to testers

Today I am going to focus on the first paragraph, and I will show you in steps how you can do it in your application.

First, create an account The fastest way is to authenticate through GitHub or Microsoft Account.


And add new application to manage. For android:

And for iOS:

My app is written in Xamarin.Forms but I had to add my app twice, separately for every platform.

Next you will get a specific instructions how to connect Mobile Center to your application.

First step is to add these nuget packages:

Second and last step is to add MobileCenter.Start(…) method in specific place in application code. It depends on the platform. Done. It is simple isn’t it? 🙂

To collect data about usage I prepared logger component.

public interface IMobileCenterLogger
      void TrackEvent(string userName, EventType type);
      void TrackCrash(Exception ex);

And its implementation.

public class MobileCenterLogger : IMobileCenterLogger
      public void TrackEvent(string userName, EventType type)
          var name = Enum.GetName(typeof(EventType), type);
          var properties = new Dictionary<string, string>();
          properties.Add(nameof(userName), userName);
          Analytics.TrackEvent(name, properties);
      public void TrackCrash(Exception ex)
          var properties = new Dictionary<string, string>();
          properties.Add("Message", ex.Message);
          Analytics.TrackEvent("Crash" ,properties);

Now I have an ability to track every user in application. For example myself. As you can see I did basic operations in my application.

Visual Studio Mobile Center except custom events can provide other helpful information. For example:

  • count of active users
  • average session duration
  • users devices
  • languages
  • countries with pretty nice map

After connection I have also crash reports without any single line of code. Every unhandled crash is stored with a simple but really helpful stacktrace.

(If you going to test it in your app, notice that crashes can be catched by Mobile Center only in Release configuration )

No more to say, this is a powerful tool and it will be more better in few months.

Here is a product roadmap

Don’t waste your time and check it while it is for free.