DSP 2017 – Project summary

This is last post in DSP 2017 contest. I am glad I made it, and I learnt so much.

Summary of open-source projet.

In Xamarin.Forms I created an application for fast communication based on push notifications between facebook friends – NotifyMe

10 days before end of contest my application was ready. I had no idea what could I add to it, so I decided to create it again in Xamarin.Native approach – NotifyMe-native.

I completed Xamarin.Android application in one week, and Xamarin.iOS application only in three days 🙂

Now short presentation ( with skipped facebook login part )


Xamarin.Forms Android

Xamarin.Forms iOS

As you can see there are slight differences in appearance but acceptable.
The question is, which approach is better for application like mine?
I am sure you know the following scheme:

But what is the truth ?

In right Xamarin.Forms approach there is Shared UI code in XAML. In many cases there is need to write some custom appearance magic using custom renderers (the thinnest part in scheme). Native services layer which could be high is missing on the scheme.
Approach depends on type of application of course, but in few cases Xamarin.Forms solution can be bigger, with more lines of code compared to native way caused by a lot of workarounds. Now I am sure, next project in Xamarin.Native approach only 🙂