Hello world!

Hello everyone.

Two things pushed me to create my own blog about .NET world.

One of them was my presence in conference Boiling Frogs 2017 in Wrocław. During lunch there were Lighting-Talks. The one I attented entitled “100 entries in a year” Paweł Słomka was talking about his decision, aiming for titled count of entries and adventages about leading his own technical blog.

Second was “Daj się poznać 2017” competition about which I found by coincidence after my arrival from conference. It turned out that if I would like to take a part I had only two days on preparation and registration. As fast as possible I bought my own domain and I started to create my website. In the beginning I used Microsoft Azure, because I didn’t want to waste any single moment and then I carried through successful migration into dedicated server. And here I come 🙂

I wish you a pleasant reading.