Właśnie ruszyła przedsprzedaż jedynego kompletnego i aktualnego w Polsce kursu technologii Xamarin którego jestem współautorem. Wraz z Krzysztofem Baranowskim jesteśmy zdania, że miejsca dla programistów Xamarin na rynku polskim, a zwłaszcza zagranicznym jest sporo. Ofert pracy jest mnóstwo i wbrew obiegowej opinii, projekty wykorzystujące cross-platform są bardzo potrzebne. Zwłaszcza jeżeli chodzi o aplikacje biznesowe. O tym gdzie […]

I am sure, a lot of you already implemented fab control in Xamarin.Android. But what about fab menu ? 04.06.2017 I released first version of my own nuget package. https://www.nuget.org/packages/bradlak.MultipleFloatingActionButton/ 4 days later, 08.06.2017 I released version 1.1.0 with new features. I hope you will enjoy it.  It already has 547 downloads 🙂 More info, […]

Hello. This is last post in DSP 2017 contest. I am glad I made it, and I learnt so much. Summary of open-source projet. In Xamarin.Forms I created an application for fast communication based on push notifications between facebook friends – NotifyMe 10 days before end of contest my application was ready. I had no […]

Application in Xamarin.Android is done. It is funny, I was developing the same application in Xamarin.Forms for the whole contest, and now I finished it in more difficult approach in one week. Of course I used whole prepared logic and view models, but it is a nice result anyway imho. I ended previous post with […]

Hello. This is a second part about my second project. Today with a lot of code! If you don’t know what is going on previous post is here. As you know I completed application for Get Noticed 2017 contest, but I want to rewrite it again in native approach. If you are interested about it, […]

Hello. This is my first post about native approach in Xamarin. My application NotifyMe written in Xamarin.Forms is done. Today I decided to write it again but this time in native approach in Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS. It will be more difficult because in this approach percentage of shared code is much lower than in Xamarin.Forms. […]

Presenting view controllers modally is one of the ways to display specific view controller during navigation. The main feature of modality is that showing modal view controller is not added to navigation stack. In the most cases presenting is executed with some animation. I prepared a simple application to show you four basic built in […]

My application NotifyMe is growing slowly, I am glad it is growing at all. Anyway, I decided to connect it to Visual Studio Mobile Center portal. It is a set of cloud services for building and managing mobile application. Visual Studio Mobile Center has three main adventages. It allows to: – collect crash reports with […]

Xamarin.Forms provides 5 basic types of pages. Depending on type of page navigation between pages in application is a little different. To be more familiar with Xamarin.Forms capabilities I prepared a small application where I used all of them. Here is App class of this application: Every page in application is build according the collection […]

This is second step of adding history feature to my application. First part is here. I have well prepared views so it is time to write service for database. Every model which you want to store in Realm database should inherit from RealmObject class. Here is mine: Important thing this is that model must have […]

Hello. A few days ago I got a feedback from application users about storing sent messages. So I decided to add this feature to my application. Therefore I had to create some new views and change main layout. The choice fell on TabbedPage. Now after successful login, application navigates to MainPage which is TabbedPage. and […]

Today I want to show you how to consume custom Java library in Xamarin.Android application. In Android Studio I created a new project. I chose location, application name and company domain. I also selected phone platform and added no activity. Then I created new Android Library module. My custom library can perform basic arithmetic operations on […]

Android provides a very rich and diverse framework for supporting 2D graphics and animations. Drawable animations are the simplest frame-by-frame animations. Android loads and displays drawable resources in specific sequence defined in XML file. The key for good drawable animation is well prepared resources. Today I want to present you how to create coin animation, […]

In previous post about push notifications in Xamarin.iOS – here, I showed you how to configure push notifications in Apple developer account and Microsoft Azure Notification hub. There was a lot of work to do, generating certificates, creating provisioning profiles etc. Today I want to present you what you can do with it. Similar to Xamarin.Android […]

I assume that you ever wondered what will happen in case of permanent loss of Microsoft Azure datacenter as a result of natural disaster or catastrophic human error. What about your data stored in data bases there ? I want to show you in few steps how to configure your Azure SQL database and secure […]

User interface in Xamarin.Forms is rendered using native controls of the target platform. We can affect this process using custom renderers which allow to customize appearance. In my project I wanted to achieve the same appearance for buttons on each platform. Now they look like this: On iOS: On Android: with the following code: and […]

ASP.NET Core gives developers flexibility and control over HTTP requests. We can customize requests pipeline by creating middlewares. They allow developers to plug in request handlers like static file providers, authentication or error pages. ASP.NET Core has a lot of them built in. (MVC for example). You can also create your own middleware in only […]

Hi. Today I want to show you how to create whole infrastructure for Web Application in Microsoft Azure using Azure Resource Manager in Visual Studio with Azure SDK. There is no need to use Azure Portal. I will show you also how to deploy application code during infrastructure deployment. First, create a new ASP.NET Web […]

Today I want to show you how to configure and use push notifications on Android platform using Notification Hub and Firebase. In the beginning we have to create new Microsoft Azure component via portal: Select Notification Hub component in Web + Mobile category. and as always fill the form which is presented below. In the […]

While developing web application for example Web API sometimes you have to publish your work. Microsoft Azure can automate this process. I will show you how to configure continuous deployment directly from your code repository. I created a new code repository on my GitHub which is available here. Of course you can use existing one. Log in Azure […]

During creating user interface situation when you have to use same elements is very common. To prevent duplicate code and reduce time needed for modifications I prefer to use User Controls Our goal will be creating user control which will contain TextBox and Label for description. Such a bunch of elements is used usually in […]

Today I want to present you an authentication mechanism with Facebook provider using App Service Authentication from Microsoft Azure App Service. In the beginning we have to create new Microsoft Azure component via portal: Then select Mobile App component in Web + Mobile category. Then you will be asked for filling form which is presented below. […]

Microsoft Windows services, formerly known as NT services, enable you to create long-running executable applications that run in their own Windows sessions. These services can be automatically started when the computer boots, can be paused and restarted, and do not show any user interface. These features make services ideal for use on a server or […]

According to rules a participation in contest is based on development own open-source project. I decided to create quick communication system with friends from Facebook using push notifications NotifyMe!. My project is available here. The project of mobile application will be executed in Xamarin.Forms technology and backend will be build in ASP.NET. In addition I will […]

Hello everyone. Two things pushed me to create my own blog about .NET world. One of them was my presence in conference Boiling Frogs 2017 in Wrocław. During lunch there were Lighting-Talks. The one I attented entitled “100 entries in a year” Paweł Słomka was talking about his decision, aiming for titled count of entries […]